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Glen Bremer
6445 SW Fallbrook Pl. Sute 110
Beaverton, OR 97008
Cell:(503) 502-5373
Office:(503) 214-1012
Email: gbremer@boemortgage.com
Website: http://www.boeoregon.com
NMLS #: 254235

I’ve been helping people with their mortgage needs since 2005.  The industry has changed a lot since the “wild west” days of the mid 2000’s.  Mostly, for the better.  Many lenders and loan officers have come and gone since then.  I’m excited to still be here because, when done right, this a terrific industry that affords the opportunity to make a very positive impact on people’s lives.


I’m also excited to be part of Bank of England Mortgage. 


Yes, we have access to most any product available on the market, and Yes, our terms our competitive. Yes, we have the latest technology that makes the process simpler and more streamline. Yes, we’re speedy when it comes to closing quickly and on time.


But, the reason I chose Bank of England Mortgage is that, though we are a significant national mortgage company, we still offer the feel and individualized service of the small town community bank that is at the root of our company.  


When you choose to work with Bank of England Mortgage and me, we’ll take the time to get to know you on an individual basis and to, first and foremost, listen and fully understand your unique circumstances and objectives.  Often, I’m able to offer knowledge and ideas that you may not have thought of, to get you into that perfect home for you and your family, or complete a home refinance that places you in a better situation.  I’ll help you to better consider your mortgage, whether for home purchase or refinance, within the context of your overall financial picture. 


When you choose to work with Bank of England Mortgage and me, I’ll do everything within my power to make a difference for you.  I’ll tell you the simple truth.  I’ll say Thank You, and mean it!


I look forward to working with you sometime soon!


Bank of England Mortgage
6445 SW Fallbrook Pl. Suite 110, Beaverton, OR  97008
Direct:  (503) 214-1000
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